Prohibition, Gangsters & History - June 24 - 29, 2024

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JUNE 24 - 29, 2024 (6 DAYS & 5 NIGHTS) 

HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Glass City Garters, Gambling, Gangsters and Gin Tour • Old Joliet Prison • Nitti's Supper Club • Chicago's Original Gangster Tour • Al Capone's Gravesite • Murder Mystery Lunch • Felonies and Misdemeanors, Detroit Cops and Mobsters Bus Tour • Tommy's Detroit Bar and Grill • Two James Spirits • Evening Tour of River Prohibition Area • Duty Free Shopping at Ambassador Bridge • JP Wisers-Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery • Rum Runners Journey • Buffet Dinner at Rockstar Music Hall • Jackson Square Food Court

EXCURSION INCLUDES: Luxury Motorcoach transportation • Five nights lodging • Meals (5 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners) • Scenic Excursions Tour Host/Hostess


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Monday, June 24, 2024:

6:30 AM - Avon

7:00 AM - Winton Place, Henrietta

7:45 AM - Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville

Afternoon arrival in the Toledo, Ohio area, where we will meet a guide to begin our touring. A gangster guide from the "GLASS CITY GARTERS, GAMBLING, GANGSTERS, AND GIN TOUR." This 3 hour tour includes a stop at the Toledo Police Museum to view their exhibits that pertain to the topic. There will be tastings of Gin and Rum along the way. DINNER is included this evening before checking into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites or similar in the Toledo area.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024: BREAKFAST is included this morning before checking out. Depart for Illinois. LUNCH is included at LOU MALNATI'S RESTAURANT. Following lunch, visit the OLD JOLIET PRISON for a 90-minute walking tour led by two docents who worked at the Prison while it was still in operation until its closing in 2002. You will hear about the daily life at the Prison during their time there - a more person take on the site's history. This tour takes you into the East and West Cell houses, North Segregation, Cafeteria, Chapel, and Honor Dorm. They will gear this towards Prohibition - Baby Face Nelson was there. Public Enemies movie filed there. Late this afternoon, depart for CHICAGO where we will enjoy DINNER at NITTI'S SUPPER CLUB. Step inside Harry Caray's landmark building, once owned by infamous Chicago mobster Frank Nitti, and join us for dinner. The menu includes beer, wine, and soda. After our fun filled day, arrive and check in to the Holiday Inn Downtown Chicago or similar hotel. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024: BREAKFAST at the hotel before checking out. Depart this morning with UNTOUCHABLE'S TOUR GUIDE FOR CHICAGO'S ORIGINAL GANGSTER TOUR. They have been providing a top-notch educational and historically accurate tour for over 35 years! Their guides present an accurate account of the crimes and activities that were going on in Chicago during the 1920's and '30s (Prohibition). You will hear the exploits of Capone, Moran, Dillinger, and the rest of the boys on this unforgettable Chicago crime tour! Guests remain on the bus for the duration of the tour. SOME SITES INCLUDED ARE THE ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE, THE BIOGRAPH THEATRE, AND THE HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL. The tour is educational yet fun. The Gangster Guides are professional actors and bring the world of Prohibition and the 1920s to life. We travel to Oak Park to AL CAPONE'S GRAVESITE. He was known as "Scarface" by the press, "Big Fellow" or "Snorky" to his associates, and "Public Enemy No. 1" to the Chicago Crime Commission. No matter what you call Al Capone, or what you think of the legendary mob boss and bootlegger, he left an indelible impression in Illinois. The legendary story of Al Capone ends at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside where a humble stone flush with the ground reads: Alphonse Capone, 1899-1947, "My Jesus Mercy." A large gravestone proclaims "Capone" for all the family, including Capone's mother, father, and brother. The resting place for the Capone family in Hillside is peaceful. You'll find visiting the Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery to be a beautifully reflective experience despite the juxtaposition of the violence associated with Al Capone. "Fun" fact: While Al Capone is widely associated with the notorious St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929 that ended the lives of seven associates of Capone's bootlegging rival "Bugs" Moran, it is tax evasion for which the mobster was convicted. He went on to be one of the earliest prisoners at the federal penitentiary of Alcatraz. Capone served his time and lived the last of his years quietly in his home in Palm Island, Florida. He died there in January of 1947 due to compications from syphilis. LUNCH is included at WILDFIRE RESTAURANT. Enjoy your included lunch while you and your traveling partners try to solve a MURDER MYSTERY. In this "married to the mob" event, you'll never know who to trust. With the two families merging, someone is bound to lose power, which means someone else will lose their life! Solve this case with your fellow detectives. Dress like the cat's meow for this mafia wedding! Flapper dresses, zoot suits, feather boas and headbands, pinstriped suites and fedoras are all appropriate. Traditional wedding attire is nifty too! Perfect opportunity for a costume party and contest for the group. Solve the mystery and depart to check into the HYATT PLACE LIVONIA, MICHIGAN or similar. Dinner is on your own at many restaurants within walking distance. Please note that there is a time change to Eastern Time!

Thursday, June 27, 2024BREAKFAST is included at the hotel before departing. Our Step on guide will meet you in the lobby and you will begin with FELONIES AND MISDEMEANORS, DETROIT COPS AND MOBSTERS BUS TOUR BY DETROIT HISTORY TOURS. Some of the world's most notorious criminals, mobsters, and gangsters bamboozled their way through Detroit. Meanwhile some of history's most infamous, brilliant, or honorable policemen tried to stop them. On your tour, escape into the city's criminal underworld as you investigate stories about Jimmy Hoffa, prohibition, The Purple Gang, "Joe the Hood," The Gotham Hotel, and the Detroit Mob families. You'll hear the story of "La Mano Nera" or black hand extortionists, in Detroit at the turn of the century. You'll explore the illegal liquor war of the 1910's. You'll visit an iconic bar where you learn about the police chief who resigned from his appointment as a judge to bring "civility back to the police." You will traverse the city and learn the history of mobster owned speakeasies and some of their most memorable raids. From riots to rolling men into the river, from African Ameircan gambling rackets to Italian mobsters fixing professional football games, from madams, and street corner pimps to cops, mounted police, and mayors of all types welcome to the criminal side. Enjoy an included LUNCH at TOMMY'S DETROIT BAR AND GRILL IN DETROIT. After lunch you will get a TOUR OF THE JOINT! Tommy's Detroit was built in 1840 and has a tunnel entrance that was used to smuggle liquor from the Detroit River during prohibition. Learn all about it. The oldest Speakeasy in Detroit. Next, we're off to TWO JAMES SPIRITS. Two James is located in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighbohood, and is the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition. Two James is committed to producing only the highest quality environmentally conscious handmade spirits utilizing locally sourced agricultural products with the aim of revitalizing the community and reinforcing the craft product movement. You will learn all about the distilling process, and even get to try a few samples! Take home a SOUVENIR GLASS. Early evening tour of the RIVER PROHIBITION AREA. During Prohibition, Detroit took advantage of its location on the international border. With 75% of liquor entering the United States through the "Detroit-Windsor Funnel," the Detroit River became the epicenter of the booze smuggling trade. DINNER is included this evening.

Friday, June 28, 2024: BREAKFAST at the hotel before checking out. We will make a stop for DUTY FREE SHOPPING - become your own "rum runners" before going through customs and returning to the US. AMBASSADOR DUTY FREE DETROIT is a full-service Duty-Free Store located at the foot of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, Michigan. The Ambassador Bridge serves as North America's #1 Border Crossing. As a Duty-Free Store, items are sold for export and are exempt from certain taxes and duties that would typically be applied to the merchandise sold at a regular domestic retail store. Taxes such as state sales tax and import tariffs are not applied at the point of sale when as item is sold for export. When a traveler leaves the country, they have the opportunity to shop at a 'duty free store' where they can take advantage of these savings and save money on hundreds of items! Lunch on your own while at Ambassador. Passport required traveling into Canada. We're off to WINDSOR, ONTARIO. Arrive at HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WATERFRONT or similar. This afternoon, we arrive at JP WISERS-HIRAM WALKER & SONS DISTILLERY. Experience the story of Canadian Whisky. You'll learn about the history of Canadian Whisky and the process of making it, from the grains harvested by local farmers to you pouring it into a glass to enjoy. The distillery tour concludes with a tasting of 4 of their award-winning whiskies. Stop at Caesar's Windsor and pick up Benny and Yorkie - 2 gentlemen in dire need of assistance. They board the bus, and your RUM RUNNERS journey begins. You will travel along the riverfront making several stops as Benny and Yorkie begin to tell the secrets of the bootleggers and the ingenious methods they used to smuggle liquor across the river in the dark of night and over the windswept ice in the dead of winter. They'll tell of the bootleggers' hideouts and divulge the location of the Speakeasies and Blind Pigs where the Purple Gang and Al Capone made their deals. Your tour will end with an included BUFFET DINNER AT THE ROCKSTAR MUSIC HALL, WINDSOR, ONTARIO.

Saturday, June 29, 2024: BREAKFAST at the hotel before checking out. Early morning departure. We will stop in Hamilton, Ontario at the Jackson Square Food Court for lunch on your own. We will set forth for home, crossing the International border into the United States. Estimated arrival home 6-8 pm. 

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